Vibron and the Vibronicans



Earth: Year 2080

The situation is so bad that mankind almost suffocates; there are 10 BILLION PEOPLE. Earth is nearly exhausted and it is faced with the risk to stop spinning and the relevant consequences thereof. Mankind realizes this and takes action to set up a space mission to another solar system which has been monitored for years through a space telescope. A planet called ABBN-338 is much bigger than earth and so perfect for mankind. The strange thing about this planet is the fact that there are many, many pine-trees and little water, but this green planet is gorgeous. The space mission is not easy. It is over 70 light years away. That is why they build a state-of-the-art spaceship with exploring shuttles and warp speed motors to bring the 70 light years back to a few earth years. April 2080: the ship is launched and mankind hopes to start the evacuation to ABBN-338 within a year. The space mission arrives at the new star system, the crew wakes up and prepares the spaceship to enter ABBN-338's solar system.

Vibron and the Vibronicans


They are really excited, they have not seen such a beautiful planet in a very long time. The sun lights this planet beautifully.

It has been decided to spend eight full days near the planet, to choose the right position for the landing and gather information about temperature, atmospheric humidity, oxygen, risk of danger or enemies and find places with water and the best place to land.

Day eight dawns upon them and they mark a spot to land. This planet's atmosphere is thicker than earth's, it rather seems to be a protective shield against meteorites and space rubble, but they eventually make it through. They get in the right orbit and move towards the chosen spot to land. They land perfectly on ABBN-338.

There is slightly less gravity than on our planet. The first thing they do is check for any presence of bacteria and viruses, but then the doors open and the people walk onto the planet in their space suits. Within the hour it is decided. The helmets come off and delicious oxygen, pure and thousands of years old, enters their lungs.



The captain decides to stay two weeks to gather all information about this planet, set up camp and go on research missions. The first night is gorgeous, there are so many stars.

The crew's morale could not be better, because they discovered a new planet which looks great for mankind.

Day 2: sunrise. Four men go out exploring in their shuttles, especially equipped for this purpose.

They fly over a magnificent landscape with many pine-trees, every now and then a lake and huge mountains without a spot of snow on them. They spot a nice place to land and decide to spend the night there.

They set up camp and look out for any animals walking about in the surrounding area and check out if the nearby lake holds any fish. The next day they venture out. Two men stay with the shuttle while the other two go exploring on floating scooters. All they see is pine-trees. Pine-trees as far as the eye can see until they reach a great iron pole. The pole is tall, around 20 metres in length and it has a diameter of one and a half meters.


They use a carbon meter to check the pole. That pole has been standing there for thousands of years and is made out of solid iron.

They take pictures and many other things before they decide to press on.

After four days they return to the camp with all kinds of information about the planet.

That very night, they speculate about the pole to great extents. It definitely belongs to another civilization and has been neglected for thousands of years. They cannot imagine what it could be. Days pass. And so do nights, lit by countless stars.

This planet, ABBN-338, is perfect for mankind. Many millions of people could live here.

On the fourteenth day, it is decided to head back to the spaceship that is flying around this planet.

Upon their arrival, the crew is very enthusiastic about ABBN-338. They report to their captain within an hour after decontamination.



Once they have met up with the captain, they discuss everything about his planet and the tall iron pole in particular. The captain decides to set course for earth. This planet, ABBN-338, is perfect for mankind!!!

They are on their way to earth but have forgotten one important thing. The campfire had not been put out properly and has turned into an entire forest fire by now.

The fire lasts for weeks and is as big as Mexico by now. The forest fire is strong, which activates the iron pole to send a powerful signal into space.

Vibron receives that signal and the Vibronicans quickly take action and a team leaves for this planet to extinguish the fire.

The Vibronicans can see the forest fire from space. The fire ships get in orbit around the planet and prepare a landing so they can take action. One of the teams is working on a spot that is cluttered with plastic, aluminium and other garbage. The Vibronicans gather all this garbage and take it home to their planet Vibron.

Vibron and the Vibronicans


Research shows that this garbage comes from earth and they conclude that mankind has been careless and reckless. They also conclude that the human origin can be found with the Reptiles. The Reptiles are the Vibronicans' number one enemy.

They decide to find mankind's planet and to stop them from discovering their green planets.

The Vibronicans quickly prepare a spying ship to set off in pursuit. When they arrive in earth's solar system they start their spying activities, but they are too late. The information about one of their green planets has become known on earth.

With amazement they notice why mankind is looking for new planet to move to. Earth has nearly become inhabitable. They also see that mankind is by no means in the same league as them when it comes to intelligence and moreover their goal. Research shows that something is wrong with mankind's DNA. They notice that one piece of DNA does not belong there. That piece of DNA is over a million years old and it cannot be extracted from the rest. Should it get extracted, the core of human DNA will collapse.



If that piece is so old, now where does it come from? Could mankind be that old?

Aboard the spaceship of the Vibronicans, they discuss everything and anything they just witnessed. They decide to let Vibron pass judgement on what should happen and so patiently wait on the judgement of their planet, faraway Vibron.

Spaceship Vibron's computers are activated and the following information is received: "Gather as much information about earth as you possible can and take prisoners, but let humans know that the prisoners will return." Set course to Vibron immediately!! Before they head back, they take eleven people prisoner.

After they arrive at Vibron, the group is brought to magnificent residences. They wonder why the Vibronicans took them. And they notice how beautiful this world is, how enormously large!! The group of people can barely wrap their heads around it. The oxygen input makes their hearts race, like they are in love.


Vibron and the Vibronicans



They look up at the sky and notice something remarkable: they have gone through an atmosphere of water or some kind of liquid which is hundreds of kilometres thick. In that atmosphere, two suns and four moons orbit around Vibron. How is this possible? You need a submarine to get through this atmosphere. The people understand now. This planet cannot be reached by other spaceships. First you need to travel through space and then through a thick watery atmosphere. Vibron is invisible from space. An atmosphere, hundreds of kilometres thick, made of water that is ultrasensitive to all aggression from space. The ultimate protective shield!! The Vibronicans ask the people to go to sleep. Tomorrow, they will have a meeting.

The Vibronicans are very sensitive beings with male and female appearances. Some are green, others are blue, but those that are most highly esteemed are almost black with very large eyes - almost three times larger than human eyes - and there is an immeasurable depth in them.

Their skin is thicker than ours. It looks like rubbery scales.


Their hands are covered with some kind of tentacles of ten centimetres long - like octopuses have - with suckers for grip. They can grab something with great force. They wear the finest and nicest clothing you could ever imagine.

The Vibronicans gather and discuss the fate of the humans. They decide to let Vibron pass judgement. Vibron's judgement is as follows: "Repair the DNA of these eleven humans and show them their weak side.

Make it clear to them that they are destroying their planet and that they can stop it by planting many trees. Pine-trees, to be exact!!! The DNA will then stabilize automatically, which creates a better living environment for mankind and enhances their quality of life. Then they can stabilize their planet." Now that we have planted this information in their minds, we can take these eleven people back to earth.

The nights on Vibron last long and are dark; not a star in sight. Just a moon, followed by another and then a sun. Yet another sun appears, much bigger then the first sun, but it feels amazing. Vibron is incredible. It is 40 times larger than earth and its beauty is astonishing.


Pine-trees and cedars as far as the eye can see. To the Vibronicans, they are living souls with supernatural powers. There are billions of them here on Vibron.

The Vibronicans collect the people from their residences and they are asked to follow their hosts. Vibron awaits them. The people arrive at some sort of oval stadium.

They walk up to the edge of the stadium and see how thousands of Vibronicans are looking at them. Some kind of water ball comes down. It measures 20 by 20 meters and a Vibronican asks to observe silence. The crowd is dead silent and the Vibronican asks if Vibron can show the group of people their planet's beauty, as well as their goal to stabilize as many planets as possible and to plant pine-trees and cedars on them to supply oxygen.

This way, Vibron can stabilize solar systems which automatically enables them to control these solar systems and observe cosmic powers that give them very special powers. That is how they can send a huge war fleet into space to meet their enemies.


They can destroy anything virtual. Their greatest strength is the fact that they are not virtual and that they can bundle the energy from planets and automatically aim them at the enemy, who will then get sucked into a vacuum.

The eleven people are asked to come to the centre of the stadium, take off their shoes and walk over the moss. There they stand still. It feels like a great wind blows but all bonsai trees remain motionless. This is how Vibron repairs the DNA of this group of eleven. It is very clear to them, like they understand everything much better. They can now see their goal more clearly. Instead of destruction, their goal has transformed into hope for mankind.

The people return to their residences and put their new way of thinking into perspective. Communication has become much easier and clearer. Night falls and by nowit is pitch black on Vibron. The people discuss how the Vibron atmosphere can be so vast. How there can be two suns and four moons inside it.

The atmosphere is invisible from space, but when the Vibronicans approach it you can see the enormous, intense water body which turns dark green to dark blue.


From some kind of mist at the outside you gradually come into a denser body of water which houses all kinds of sea creatures. It is an entire water world and the deeper you move into the atmosphere, the bigger the pressure - 200 km water pressure. What kind of spaceship can take this pressure. The most absurd thing is, when you have finally crossed the water atmosphere you have reached the solar system and can see Vibron with its two suns and four moons. The group of people goes to bed; there will probably be a meeting with the Vibronicans tomorrow.

Sun rises again and the weather is fantastic. The temperature is around 77 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. A range of delicious meals is brought in and a meeting will take place in half an hour.

The Vibronicans tell them they are being awaited and that they should come with them. They go back to where they first saw Vibron. They have to watch and listen to Vibron, the huge water ball of 20 by 20 meters. That ball represents the thoughts of their god or medium. It makes a lasting impression.


Vibron makes it clear to the people that they will return home, with all information that is crucial to mankind. Only this time Vibron emphasizes their very special war fleet. The Vibronicans know that there are many billions of Reptiles. And that their darkness is extremely terrifying; it has already killed many Vibronicans. Vibron demonstrates what is wrong with the human DNA. He shows that there is a piece that does not belong there. That piece is a radio transmitter from the Reptiles. They are able to create DNA. And they do so throughout the entire universe.  You cannot see or feel real darkness. You carry it within you. Vibron is life itself, the strength of the universe. If you change mankind's diet, plant as many trees as possible, enhance the oxygen rate in your ocean, your DNA will be repaired. The way things are looking now, it will only take a few more years until the Reptiles will definitely take over. Earth will be lost to mankind.

The group leaves the area of Vibron in shock. Going to war against the Vibronicans is pointless. Compared to them, humans are very ignorant. Only a few more days until the Vibronicans will take them to earth. Everything is prepared for the journey back to earth.


The people say their goodbyes to the Vibronicans and promise to do everything in their power to pass on what they have learned to the people on earth. A huge spaceship is ready for take-off. This spaceship is even more impressive than the spying ship. It shines like silver and is massive. It is a dimension ship which can fly through wormholes. They can be near earth within a few days. The Vibronicans never knew earth existed before, but since they do now setting course to it is very easy.

They are on their way back home, to earth. They go so fast that everyone looks distorted. When they get to earth, it seems like time has stood still. Is Vibron turning back time? Yes. Vibron uses its own time, which only grows to compensate the universe. The universe is time itself. Vibron can manipulate time in relation to the universe. Reptiles do not understand this. They live in the universe at the expense of everyone and everything.

The Vibronican's spaceship floats above the earth. The people of earth can all see it and the eleven people are brought back to earth with a shuttle. Presidents and kings await their visit and the day before a meeting is organized.


They are curious to find out what these people have to say. The truth comes to light: the space mission of the previous team has had a very negative impact on the Vibronicans.

The huge forest fire the size of Mexico was a result of the last space mission to ABBN-338. They failed to put the fire out and made a huge mess. They had no respect for that planet and so they angered the Vibronicans. There is new information about earth's fate. There will be a new meeting tomorrow. It takes place on Bora Bora, in French Polynesia. Highly important people from all over the world are gathered here. The eleven people that were taken by the Vibronicans are seated at a large table. The French president stands up and asks: "Were they (the Vibronicans) hostile?" They answer immediately: "They were very hospitable and we learnt a lot from them! And when it comes to the universe: in all its vastness, there is nothing for mankind to go by! We need to work on our planet's future. According to their message, we are almost defeated. We have to plant trees on our planet, otherwise our DNA will destabilize and we will lose control over earth.


They gave us these computer models to show to you." The representatives of the Tonga islands ask about the green planet ABBN-338.

The eleven people reply that the Vibronicans forbid mankind to go there. It is their planet and only serves one purpose: to stay as green as possible to supply oxygen. One of the representatives calls that ridiculous and says that space belongs to everyone. But the group of eleven disagrees and says that they cannot go there but have to work on earth instead. If we do so, the Vibronicans will come help them in the future!

"Ridiculous", one of the representatives cries again. "With our technology, we can evacuate to planet ABBN-338 within a year. Our earth is overpopulated. We need to take action now and build a fleet to take us there."

One of the eleven people jumps up and says that humanity stands no change against the Vibronicans. That it is wrong to even think that! The have been fighting the Reptiles for billions of years and we cannot understand their weapons. They use tremendous forces against their enemies.


They are able to make any enemy disappear into the universe's vastness, where you will have to fight the Reptiles eventually.

Everyone gets into a huge discourse but it is quickly ended without a real solution for the future. This makes all participants of the meeting feel uneasy. Time is running out!

The Vibronicans made the people of earth feel dismayed. The Vibronicans' planet is so large and huge. With a huge watery atmosphere. And the Vibronicans are so beautiful and intelligent, their war fleet is huge and they did not even use it against mankind. Their enemy clearly is the Reptiles. They have huge, poisonous war ships. Reptiles can poison entire solar systems in other intelligences' time with their transmitters. The group of eleven is unanimous: we should join the Vibronicans.

But many others at the meeting disagree. They want to move to the new planet, ABBN-338. They feel space belongs to everyone and their fleet has become more and more advanced. All participants return to their homeland and within a few weeks the decision is made: mankind will evacuate to ABBN-338.

The evacuation of planet earth begins.



Spaceships are being prepared. Around a thousand people move to the new planet. To the green planet full of pine-trees and cedars; mankind has only one goal and hope for the future.

In June 2080, the first spaceships with approximately 100 people each on board leave. There are ten ships and they fly as quickly as lightning. They will arrive within seven months.

When they get there, they have to wait for the other ships. The first ships are already orbiting around this large and beautiful, green planet. Within around eight days all spaceships will be there.

And then the time has come. All ten ships have arrived and they fly towards the planet to land. They land in the time-zone of their new home planet.

The landing goes perfectly and all ten crews prepare to set up camp at this great spot between thousands of trees. A truly magnificent place.

The captain's orders are to set course to earth tomorrow and in the meantime unload everything they need.


Night falls and the sky looks spectacular once again, only this time they will have to be careful with fire and clutter. The captain instructs everyone to be very respectful of this planet.

Next morning everything is prepared to set course to earth in the afternoon. 960 Men and women will stay behind on this new planet. That afternoon they watch how the ten spaceships set course to earth. Standing there together watching the spaceships is a very exciting moment for the people left behind.

In fourteen months they will meet again. That is when another 960 men, women and children will arrive. In future, even bigger ships may come, perhaps even with animals, but that needs to be figured out first.

These first ten ships will arrive in our solar system and after their journey they will land on earth again. The landing site is located in the Atacama Desert. The captain reports to his superiors. The 960 people they left behind set up camp and are doing great. However, the captain notices a huge spaceship floating around earth and asks his superiors what it is.


They state that 1 billion people have to be colonized within a year. This mission will be accompanied by a war ship to defend the people. It will be finished in a month. It is incredibly modern and equipped with laser weapons.


The Vibronicans: as much as thousand times stronger than mankind in any way possible.


Before the new mission leaves earth to head to their new home, ABBN-338, there is a lot of friction between countries and governments. Mankind knows that the Vibronicans are in space and the Vibronicans in turn know that mankind does not take notice of their advice.

Only a few thousand people are aware of the Vibronicans' incredible strength. This mission will leave within a month. Nobody can stop them now.

The grand day of departure has arrived. A huge base has been set up in the Atacama Desert to launch an entire army and a group of people into space. The spaceship looks amazing from earth.


It is very visible from the ground. It measures 400 meters in length, is 80 meters wide and extremely fast. It has all state-of-the-art weapon systems you can imagine.

It is also equipped with eight highly supersonic laser jets. Hundreds of people are taken to the space shuttles. There are a thousand people between the ten spaceships. The war spaceship is manned by two hundred heavily armed commandos and soldiers. The day of departure to ABBN-338 has arrived.

They fly at supersonic speed and the journey to the new planet takes seven long months. The captain gives everyone aboard four day's time to recover from their long sleep and to prepare themselves before they arrive at the new planet and see ABBN-338.

Within a few hours, they should be able to see the planet. And indeed, there it is. They are trying to make contact with the people who stayed behind. They make contact and find out the others are doing fine. They head towards the place where the first group landed to set foot on this planet.


The war ship remains in orbit around ABBN-338 and the eight hunters go exploring. Suddenly they spot a gigantic spaceship looming up on the horizon and it has set course to the war ship. The hostile spaceship is extremely large, around 2500 metres long, and looks very menacing. They heavily communicate with the troops on the planet. The war ship of the people orders to approach the unknown spaceship from the back and the sides. Then suddenly, contact is made; these are the Vibronicans. They let the people know they should leave this planet and to return to earth over the radio. The captain orders everyone to remain calm and to negotiate.

After short but intense negotiations, the captain orders his soldiers and officers to prepare themselves to use nuclear weapons. The stealth hunters are ordered to fire everything they have got. We will not be sent away from this planet!

The captain orders to fire and the eight stealth hunters move towards the Vibronicans' spaceship with 2000 km/h, but suddenly, when they are ready to fire their weapons, they disappear into nothing. Could it be some kind of vacuum?


All eight stealth hunters vanished without a trace and the Vibronicans' spaceship hovers motionless above the green planet. The captain and his crew are petrified with fear. They try to make contact with the Vibronicans. Contact is made.

The captain asks what is wrong with the Vibronicans. However, they stay silent until suddenly, they state that the humans have to leave this planet. A very menacing vibration crosses the people's spaceship. The Vibronicans say that it in a few minutes they can make the people's war ship disappear into a vacuum.

When the people fire, the vacuum will open automatically and in a matter of mere minutes they will all disappear into another solar system. The people become so terrified that everyone is evacuated from the war ship to the space shuttles. There is total chaos and they rush towards earth, but the Vibronicans set off in pursuit.

It is a race against death itself. One solar system after the other flies past them. They are having trouble to attain full speed with the Vibronicans chasing them.


They eventually reach earth but the Vibronicans have already taken up a position with their gigantic spaceship. With a tractor beam they pull a shuttle with hundreds of people into a huge tailgate.

The shuttle disappears into the ship and the Vibronicans make their way to Vibron with their spaceship - which looks very peculiar; it looks like an enormous tube which is visible from the sides, but completely invisible from the front. As soon as the ships starts to move, you can tell the round front is invisible.

When they arrive at Vibron's atmosphere, the spaceship slowly enters the water body. It resembles a huge, green-blue beehive structure, full of fish swimming in a rich sea culture.

The journey through the atmosphere takes approximately a day and eventually they arrive in some sort of mist and then finally see Vibron. After a few hours, they get ready to land. The Vibronicans await this special spaceship and the prisoners are taken to their accommodations. They say there will be a meeting with Vibron tomorrow. It is getting light and the imprisoned people wake up.


They are preparing for what is coming. They have no idea what they are facing but then the doors open and the Vibronicans enter the spaceship to inform them that all hundred prisoners have to follow them to Vibron.

When they arrive in front of the arena, they are asked to take of their shoes and walk to the front over a strip of moss of around fifty meters long and stop there. The ball of water, the same one as before, comes down and hovers around 10 meters above the ground.  

Wind blows again - at least that is how it feels even though there is no actual wind -, the same as the first eleven people felt, and all becomes clear to these hundred people too. Suddenly it is all over, however, everything is clearer than before. It revolves around oxygen en stabilizing the DNA. Mankind can easily learn these wise lessons. The Vibronicans ask them to leave the arena with a thousand bonsai trees and to come to a large hall where they talk about the future of planet earth and the size of their enemy, 'the Reptiles', which humans cannot defeat. The hundred people clearly understand that they should return to earth to make it known to humanity that planet earth should be spared.


That they should transform the deserts into great forests to supply oxygen and that they should decrease the population to bring stability and peace.

This time the Vibronicans show the hundred people the true face of their enemies, the Reptiles, and their goal. On the computer screens, the people can see what the Reptiles are up to. The Reptiles' only goal is to observe emotion. The bigger the emotion is, the more precise the position of their goals is. That is how the Vibronicans show the people that the Reptiles are drowning the earth.

Every time the amount of water on earth increases, a black ring appears around the planet. On those moments, the Reptiles know they can set course to another solar system.

Humans do not understand a thing about the Reptiles' weapon systems, let alone how they travel from one solar system to the next only to get a better grasp on their terrible communication, but one thing is certain: Reptiles want to control all communication in the entire universe.

The Vibronicans show how many Reptiles there are and what kind of weapons they use.


There are billions of them, everywhere in the universe.

The hundred people are in shock!

One of the black Vibronicans says to the people: "we will fight these horrendous creatures and their demonic purposes together. We will take you back to earth but you must never take up your arms against us again."


The alliance with the Vibronicans against the Reptilians.

The people have become so blind they are starting to panic. And every time a powerful earthquake takes place, they stray of the right path even more.

The people do not understand that they have created their own prison. Until one day, the Vibronicans decide to help the people improve the state of earth and to bring stabilization. They especially want to show the people their goal and that the Reptilians have caused all this. There are hundreds of billions of them all over the universe. The very best Vibronicans are sent to earth. These are almost black and hold the highest ranks. Their eyes have an immeasurable depth to them.


One of their most advanced warships is used, the Tube, which has a diameter of hundreds of meters and is many kilometers long. Totally invisible from the front and only pitch-black from the sides, it is a hyperspace ship equipped with dementia encryption to keep all good memories of Vibron.

It is almost unimaginable: a great warship that uses huge crystals to capture and study any form of intelligence. It also researches their fears, which are invincible to mankind. The Tube's smallest weapon is a vibration signal which can be sent to any enemy ship, making their weapons fall off. Even from thousands kilometers away it is still very accurate. Its biggest weapons are the vacuum cannons that can launch a human aircraft carrier into another faraway solar system in a matter of seconds.  Imagine an aircraft carrier suddenly aimlessly floating in another solar system while its whole crew has suffocated and died.

The Vibronicans know everything about hyperspace.

It is strange to see a wafer-thin plate with a diameter of hundreds of meters appear in earth's sky.  Within a few minutes the Tube, at full operational strength, finds an orbit around the earth.


While the other Vibronican ships, which are far outside earth's atmosphere, still need days to reach earth.

Mankind tries to make contact with the Tube in all kinds of ways, but the Vibronicans stay silent. The Vibronicans are busy controlling everything on earth and mapping out the next earthquake, which will be in Canada this time.

They suddenly inform earth that a certain place in Canada should be evacuated, otherwise at least 30,000 people will die. The presidents of the US and Canada let everyone know that the Vibronicans are on their side and have warned them for a big earthquake in Canada. The entire town is evacuated. The earthquake will demolish in two days, three hours and 20 minutes. The days and hours passed and exactly at the time stated by the Vibronicans, the earthquake that registered 9.0 on the Richter scale does its damage.

The people now know for sure that the Vibronicans are on their side. All over the world, people are cheering. Ten billion people have just been given a lot of hope.  Now, no one has to die in an earthquake again. However, it is deathly quiet again and the Tube whizzes up to 60,000 kilometers around the earth.


Until one day, the other Vibronicans arrive after which they also orbit around earth. That moment, a huge, greenish protective shield surrounds the Tube. And suddenly, there is a power failure in every city all over the world. It is deathly quiet. A voice can be heard all over the world. It tells humanity who the Vibronicans are and that they will help the people of earth beat the Reptilians on their planet. They will also help them to create new goals; the goals mankind was actually meant to fulfill. They say the people will enter into battle against the Reptilians together with the Vibronicans. They also let mankind know that this will not be easy. It will be a fight to the death. Humanity cannot wrap their heads around the weapons the Reptilians use. They will instruct mankind how to survive during the first years. The Vibronicans want to hear mankind's voice. They must shout the word "peace" all over the world at a certain time. The Vibronicans will have their computers calculate this vibration to see if the battle will be possible, how many victims there will be, who the new leaders will be and what should be destroyed or built.

Vibron and the Vibronicans


For starters, the Vibronicans ask the people if they are willing to destroy and raze all pyramids to the ground. That is what the Vibronicans want to know. And on this new special time, all people of earth should shout as loud as possible the word "peace" in their native language. The Vibronicans state that it may be possible that all will be for nothing and in that case, they will disappear forever.

Everywhere around the world, the people set to work to let the Vibronicans know that they strive for peace and want to cooperate with them. The day comes and on that special date, the sound of peace arises all over the world. The Vibronicans receive it and use their computers to process it.

68 per cent of the population joined and the Vibronicans decide to cooperate for three years. There are feelings of joy all over earth. Mankind has been given hope. They ask what to do next. The Vibronicans say that firstly, all virtual beacons should be destroyed. First of all the pyramids of Egypt. The Vibronicans state that these are buildings from the Reptilians and that the hardest part for earth's inhabitants is yet to come. They will let the people know what buildings these are.


This is their first assignment for mankind. More will follow. "This year, all we will do is demolish buildings that have a negative impact on humanity. Only after three years from now, we will set foot on earth to repair the human DNA. Only then, will humans be able to see the visions from what they call liquid crystal (water)."

This is mankind's first step to defeating the Reptilians on earth. Mankind is baffled. They are under the assumption that Reptilians can simply be beaten to death or burned.

But the Vibronicans inform them that any action against Reptilians will be answered from a different angle and that it is perilous to try to destroy them manually.  With each action they learn. That makes their weapons stronger and humans weaker. That is not yet in order, however, it will be when all virtual beacons are gone after a year. Then they will teach mankind to take up the real arms against the Reptilians and to make them choke on their own poison.

Strangely enough only a few million people understand that the Reptilians' poison has already been embedded deeply in humanity. How does a person go blind and what can cure it?


 The Vibronicans know that if they were to act now, 92 per cent of the humans will suffocate or commit suicide. It should be done slowly. Mankind starts to break down all virtual beacons and after a year, they feel much better and very relieved. The strange thing about this is that the world population is decreasing instead of increasing.

After having destroyed all beacons, the humans are told by the Vibronicans to transform as much desert into forests as possible by planting pine-trees and cedars. The people also need to be beware of what they call "oil".

The Vibronicans say oil is a weapon of the Reptilians. Mankind does not understand that oil is a living love from a distant past during great wars from millions of years ago. Back then, Reptilians were able to send huge boulders with all kinds of devastating powers into space. Oil is a reminder of this period and can transmit a perilous contamination, like aimlessness and hopelessness.  This happened during the battle between the Dragons and Reptilians. Oil is the living love of the dismay of Dragons.


The Vibronicans explain to the smallest details how mankind can bury this love forever: by using tonnes of earth to bury it and by planting pine-trees and cedars on top of it and dragon trees around it. The second year, humanity is working hard to improve earth and it feels good to cultivate it. From space, the Vibronicans show the people where the next earthquakes will be and send drawings of machines that are powered by electromagnetic pulse motors.

Two years have passed and during the third year mankind learns an important lesson. This year, the Vibronicans decide whether they will assist the people in the battle against the Reptilians. Mankind is asked to take down the Internet and whether they are willing to choose a different method of communication, which is directly connected to the universe. This will be mankind's hardest decision. An intense battle between all parties will break out and there will be only 5 billion people left on earth at the end of the third year.

Everybody on earth is having severe discussions but after a few weeks they decide to agree with the Vibronicans. The Internet will be entirely destroyed.


The Vibronicans are very excited about this because mankind does not know that earth is becoming a new kind of Vibronican weapon. The people and the Vibronicans form an alliance. They leave for Vibron in three spaceships and hundreds of people come along. Women and children come too and they arrive within four days and are warmly welcomed and meet Vibron.

Only this group of people will be informed about earth's new kind of Internet. At the edges of the universe, you can find a kind of Internet that the Reptilians are very allergic to. And so Vibron shows the people this Funghi, which is a kind of fungus. It looks just like the edges of the universe.

The people learn that Reptilians detest Funghi and hate the edges of the universe. Every fungus on earth is connected to the farthest corner of the cosmos.

But the people find it hard to understand. "How can we construct a new Internet using fungi?," they wonder. A Vibronican steps forward and says: "This is something only humans can do: filtering the light from the darkness.


This is your future type of communication and we will learn you how to use it. That is why you have come to Vibron."

The hundreds of people are very excited by this kind of Internet.

The next day, the first lesson on the universal Internet starts on Vibron. The lesson covers the Funghi's powers and how to catch the light of a Funghi that is stood underneath a starry sky and has seen many stars and suns.

The people's first lesson is to view the universe's edges as pressed to the Funghi. In reality, there is gap of only a few millimeters. They are taught to regard the fungus as gods that have information about the Reptilians. Getting that information is the only goal. What are the Reptilians doing? Up until now that is the Internet's only goal.  "Within few months we will teach you this and you should grow many fungi on earth and pass this technique on."

The hundreds of people are especially taught how to catch the Funghi's light. It is like some kind of photo at the bottom side of the fungus which is then placed in a carbon meter.


Miraculously, a colorful reality appears from the fungus which explains in detail what kind of aggression is taking place at what location in the universe. Think of it as some kind of computer chip.

The computer would be earth and all other planets are connected to the light. These are the computer routes that lead to a mainframe at the edge of the universe where there are no Reptilians.

It feels as if the months flew by. The people love the lessons about the Funghi. It is their first sign of intelligence.

They head back to earth and arrive in four days. The Tube and the other spaceships still orbit around planet earth. The people are brought back to earth and go to each continent in groups of ten.  In the meantime, the Internet on earth has almost completely been destroyed. Almost all means of communication have been taken down, radar installations are switched off. In some areas, riots have broken out but the number of victims is rather low.

The current world population is at five billion.


The Vibronicans say that around 50,000 Vibronicans are coming to earth to teach about planting mainly extraterrestrially grown pine-tees and plants and how the people can change their eating patterns.

In the meantime, the Tube has scanned earth down to its core to suppress any earthquake. The Vibronicans are coming and will be there within a week. Meanwhile, the Vibronicans are handing out special pine pills from Vibron to the people. These should be taken with fruit juice. This helps to stabilize mankind's blood as quickly as possible and to show an overview of the human mind.

It is meant to extract the foreign part out of the DNA as quickly as possible. The Vibronicans are convinced the Reptilians are to blame for this. They poison entire solar systems, but mankind cannot see this.  There are now 50,000 Vibronicans on earth and they brought thousands of little pine-trees with them in their space cargo ships. Mankind and the Vibronicans work well together. And both groups noticed that earth has become more peaceful and that in the last few months the world population has decreased again.


Eventually around 10,000 Vibronicans come to earth's military bases. They will train the soldiers to take on the Reptilians there together with the Vibronicans. However, they are mainly schooled how to cultivate other planets and to create a loving home for everyone.

One of the base principles they learn is to create certainty in the extensiveness of the universe. If they do not learn this, the Reptilians will always remain their enemies in that respect.

They could then poison an entire solar system to disrupt mankind's balance which is what happened to earth. Meanwhile, the Vibronicans teach the soldiers how the Reptilians' weapons work. Their weakest weapon is poisoning entire solar systems to destroy any form of intelligent life.

However, there is something else they are doing. A huge computer screen slides down and the Vibronicans show the soldiers what the Reptilians are up to.  

Every 10,000 or so years they arrive in this solar system at a time they previously decided. The Reptilians drown the earth. When it is drowned, a black circle shows up around the earth.


 That is what they want to see.  It helps them to navigate to another galaxy.

These moments are horrendous. Reptilians actually want to avoid any communication with other beings. The Vibronicans show how many of them there are, how dark their past is and how quickly they can travel through the cosmos.

The soldiers think it is unbelievable. The best weapon against the Reptilians is the vacuum cannon. They are shot into another solar system and die because they have got nothing to hold onto.

They do not really suffocate, but the combination is very effective. Their DNA is set back in time. Without hold and as cold as ice, that is how you destroy them.

The soldiers are perplexed by the huge number of war spaceships of the Reptilians and the fact that they have such evil ideas. "What is their motive in the universe?"

Their most dangerous weapon is some kind of string of DNA which is a few hundred meters long. They send it to their enemy's planet and it lands in the water or the sea. All information they collected using the string is sent back to the war fleet after a few years.


That is how they study each planet's fate.

And how they retrieve all kinds of information about many planets as well as their secrets. But the Vibronicans know that the harder you fight them, the stronger they get. This training is meant to lure the Reptilians to a vacuum.

One of the Vibronicans shows a hand vacuum weapon. It looks peculiar, like a device that catches ping-pong balls. It has a kind of basket surrounding it which you aim at a Reptilian. When you fire, a vacuum forms around the target. The Reptilian vanishes and all that remains is a bit of powder.

The Vibronicans show the Tube, their best warship which has a diameter of three hundred meters and stretches for kilometers. It is a hyperspace ship with dementia encryption to hold onto all good memories of Vibron and to relive them anytime. Traveling in the ship is spectacular. For example, when the Tube approaches another galaxy and enters it, a light like a growing star appears in the sky. At its peak, it is nearly impossible for humans to look at it. Exactly in that star's center, a wafer-thin, black, round sheet with a diameter of a good 500 meters appears.


The light now appears on both sides of the sheet. The spaceship grows on both sides becoming kilometers long and pitch-black.

From the front it measures 300 meters and the star is now on its inside. The enormous ship now turns, both sides turn towards each other, and the star leaves the ship.

The Tube uses artificial gravity to create a pleasant atmosphere for its thousands of crew members.  They look through a transparent window, with a diameter of 250 meters, to earth.  The Tube is completely invisible from the front. In the Tube's center, something very special is happening: from a liquid crystals are formed that are hundreds of meters high. Every form of intelligent life, even if they have been extinct for millions of years, can be visualized by the Tube using fears, joys and any kind of DNA.

Any movement a Reptilian makes, even when it is a good million kilometers away on another sun or planet, is registered by the crystal.

The Tube is equipped with a protective shield that can dodge any antimatter cannon from the enemy and much more.


And when the battle gets heated, the hyperspace function is activated and within a few seconds the Tube can be 800 billion years away.

The soldiers look on breathlessly. "Is this our new alliance with that much power and intelligence?" The enemy is now more visible than ever before. This training is coming to an end.  The soldiers now view their own weapons as obsolete pieces of rust and iron. The friendship with the Vibronicans never felt as good as it does now.  Thousands of architects are told that planet earth is unhealthy. That, for example in ancient times, 60 per cent of its ocean water orbited around it like a thick watery atmosphere.  Planet earth was a living thing with its own heartbeat, as it were. Now, that same water is located in the oceans.  In fact, earth is choking. This emotion is noticed by the Reptilians. It keeps them calm and makes them feel like they will not end up floating about somewhere in the infinite cosmos.

Their greatest fear is to aimlessly drift away without having any energy.


The Vibronicans ask the architects to come up with a solution that can transfer as many water mass as possible into the atmosphere so that earth will automatically think it belongs there. The architects have now finally started something big. The Vibronicans advise them to place mist pumps in the hottest areas of earth so millions of liters of water can be transported into the atmosphere.

Special teams that previously worked on analyzing viruses are now working with the Vibronicans to map out and recognize all the poison on earth.

The Vibronicans say that 80 per cent of the scents that mankind can smell are useless. And so humanity is trained to recognize leaking rosin from pine-trees as a very dangerous situation. That will attract thousands of long-horned beetles which are very bad for the trees. This is where the communication between mankind and the pine-trees comes into play.

The people learn simple tricks to read Vibron's soul. If you put peanut butter on some trees, within a couple of hours somewhere between twenty and thirty woodpeckers will be in the trees and they will tell you a very special secret:


the location of the next earthquake. The Vibronicans teach man one lesson after the next and as it stands now, earth will be restored within two years. The Vibronicans laugh about the clumsiness of the groups of people they teach about all kinds of subjects.

Thanks to the Vibronicans, mankind is hopeful again.

In the year 2085, the Vibronicans state they are done teaching humanity.

There are now 4.2 billion people on earth. They are now asked if they still feel they need to go into the limitless cosmos.

200 million people are willing to fight in the universe alongside the Vibronicans. Special warships are built with vacuum cannons and many other weapons to fight the Reptilians.

It is 2086 and war is officially declared to the Reptilians.


The biggest war against the Reptilians yet. And mankind helps the Vibronicans with their best weapon: courage.


The people are very courageous in the heat of the battle against the Reptilians. The Vibronicans cannot understand that emotion. "Mankind will go through fire and water for the Vibronicans.

A great war with the Vibronicans against the Reptilians is about to start. A million people have applied to take up arms against the Reptilians. But what do they look like and where are they? The Vibronicans never said anything about the Reptilians' appearance. It is not just a tiny snake making its way through the universe. It is much more than that. They do not have faces like humans and Vibronicans do. The Vibronicans told the humans: "If we show you the face sof these horrendous creatures, no one will join our war against the Reptilians, that worship absolute darkness." First, mankind's fleet has to go to Vibron. The Vibronicans will optimize and adjust all warships to Vibron's warships there.

At Vibron's watery atmosphere the space fleet has to halt. They will say goodbye to earth and mankind will see its fleet go to Vibron. Millions of soldiers have applied and there is a grand parting.


Those who remain on earth hold huge speeches. They continue to cultivate earth from the year 2087.

When they arrive at the atmosphere after having traveled for fifteen months, the planet is clouded in the misty fog. It looks very mysterious. None of the people see Vibron. And the Vibronicans, that await the people, say they need to stay in position till further notice. Then, a huge cargo ship shows up which can carry a good 30,000 soldiers. The soldiers go aboard to leave for Vibron. Mankind's ships cannot go through Vibron's atmosphere. They are crushed by the water atmosphere's enormous pressure. It takes days before the soldiers make it through the atmosphere. But then the shuttle makes it through and they see Vibron in all its splendor. A good forty times larger than earth. With two suns and four moons. It looks magnificent. Then, before the soldiers know it, the landing is started. The soldiers have their first lesson on intelligence about Vibron and tracking down Reptilians in the universe.

The 30,000 soldiers experience their lesson from a huge water ball that measures 20 by 20 meters.


An almost black Vibronican says that the Reptilians are invisible in principle. "The more you succumb to these creatures, the more visible they become in all parts of the spaceship. They will enter no matter what. The closer we get to their secret, to what they are doing, the darker it becomes and only then can we use the vacuum weapons. If you only even think about using it, your eyes will become lighter and you will see the interior of the war jet. Try to use the vacuum weapon when you think you are dead. That is the most effective weapon against these creatures and the best way to learn their secrets."

"If the vacuum weapon is used, from that moment onwards you will see a blueprint of their origin and maybe even a secret appear on your mainframe." The soldiers are perplexed by what the near black Vibronican tells them. The commander of the 30,000 soldiers asks this Vibronican: "What do these Reptilians look like? And how should we picture them?"

The Vibronican answers: "The more the Reptilians will find their origin, the more visible they will become.


" Now a projection of the Reptilians appears and the soldiers are shocked. The commander says to the Vibronican that they look very similar to humans. "No," says the Vibronican, "these are holograms they use." He makes the projection come closer and says: "Look at these eyes. You can clearly see a crack in the middle. Do you see it?!!"

When he blinks, you can clearly see he is a Reptilian and a hologram. "But beware," he says, "Reptilians do not have a conscience nor courage, like we saw in you humans. Without a conscience and courage you fade away into the vastness of the universe. That is why they are everywhere. And the Reptilians do not open their mouth. This tongue is in every hologram's mouth. That is their status and their beauty. They can only smell their course and target with their tongue in absolute darkness. A Reptilian will clone anything. That is your biggest threat. The Vibronicans promise there will be a training for absolute recognition of each other and that is how you can avoid a heart attack.

The soldiers suddenly realize the enormous complexity of this war. They wonder whether they can handle all this.


The Vibronicans say they will bring the best of their people along.

The Tube is coming too! The Reptilians are no match to it.

The Tube will recognize and take down any Reptilian, regardless of what hologram it chooses to use. It absorbs all their secrets and what they are up to into the crystals and immediately shows it on the mainframe and the Reptilians (what is left of them) disappear in a vacuum. The Vibronicans say that for every human hunting ship going into space one of their hunting ships will go too.

The soldiers' training is well under way. In a remote corner of the universe, the spying space ship of the Vibronicans has observed a huge aggressive activity. Millions of Reptilians are busy covering up a star. They are making a huge construction, some kind of Dyson sphere around it. An almost black Vibronican says that this is their goal.  The Reptilians probably want to make a huge antimatter cannon that can make entire planets explode. The soldiers can hardly believe they will fight this battle. The warships are equipped with vacuum weapons and other state-of-the-art technical computer models.



The earth year ,and the war fleet leaves Vibron and sets course to the star the Reptilians are covering with steel to form some some of Dyson sphere.

The journey will take eight months. And they will take position far away from the star. - you never know what they are up to.

When they arrive at the planet, the Tube's captain says that they should stay behind it. From there, the spying ship will see what they are doing.

The spying ship glides past the other planets and gathers all kinds of data about the structure and Reptilians' position. After two weeks, the spying ship and its crew will be back at the planet where the people and Vibronicans are hiding out.  Two million soldiers and three million Vibronicans have joined this great mission with their best warships. At full operational strength, the Tube, surrounded by a large number of space hunters, keeps hovering over the planet at a distance of 20,000 kilometers. They research the planet. Barren and dry.   It has been quiet for millions of years.


The other side of the planet, where the fleet is waiting, is dark and cold. The Tube scans the planet but cannot find any trace of Reptilians. They are ordered to wait for the spying ship. It should arrive within a week. A week later and out of the blue the spying ship appears without prior notice. The Tube immediately isolates the ship and scans it, looking for any microfiber. It is possible, the spying ship has sensed a vibration. If that is true, a clone of a Reptilian will float through the ship and it will multiply with any contact. This truly scares the Vibronicans. But the ship is clean.

If a Reptilian clone enters the ship by means of vibrations, which the computer stores in the mainframe, the Reptilian can clone itself within a few days and nights. It will firstly float up and down the ship like an energy form and will notice any encounter with a human or Vibronican by doing so. It will then try to enter the body and will leave a couple of hours later as an energy form. Somewhere in the ship, the multiplication of this clone is going faster than light. A perfect hologram. It cannot be more horrifying because you suddenly face yourself. Try to reach your vacuum weapon in time when that happens.


It is the ultimate alien intruder. They can float around in the universe as a steady vibration without touching anything for millions of years. They can penetrate any core and grip it tightly. They can clone anything, even a cosmos on a meteorite, while they watch out for the next collision.

The Vibronican's captain orders the spying ship's commander to immediately come to him with all information about the star which is being covered with a Dyson sphere. And the information tablet is entered into the computer. The Tube's captain closely studies what the Reptilians are doing.  Out of the blue, the captain says that it is a trap from the Reptilians. That they want to draw their attention and have something to start the war over.

The construction is too good to be true, the Dyson sphere is made of gold. The captain orders to set course to Vibron immediately. Transmitters of the Reptilians have got to be hidden in the water. The captain says that the water atmosphere is in danger.Only now do the soldiers understand how the Tube works.


It is the Vibronican's masterpiece. Gold has become an enemy to the Vibronicans. The captain states that there have been no victims yet, which is thanks to the Tube. It must have been an old Reptilian architect that came up with this. They are extremely dangerous and can grow very old. And they are hardly recognizable.

The captain says: "How creative these creatures must be to make a weapon out of darkness." If the Dyson sphere had been completed, the light of this star, which reaches large parts of the universe, would have been a point of attention. We would have walked right into their trap. Now, this secret has been exposed on the mainframe. The mission is a great success. They are on their way back to Vibron. The journey will again take eight months.

When the Tube got to Vibron, the transmitter wipers were already in the midst of searching the entire atmosphere. The Tube is busy conferring with the captain and the transmitter wipers. They are looking for a DNA string that is centuries old. It was once fired by a Reptilian ship and retrieved dozens of years later when it was done collecting information about Vibron's atmosphere.


The Vibronicans eventually find it after months of searching and they declare that the atmosphere is clean again.

The captain of the Tube informs everyone they will not yet go to war against the Reptilians. "We will first measure the new darkness that is reflected by the Dyson sphere around the star. We will do this on Vibron." The two million soldiers stay on Vibron for their training. Afterward, the next two million soldiers need to be collected from earth and any new information should be exchanged with these soldiers. 

At the end of 2090, a space mission consisting of a few spaceships arrives at earth. They will land in the Atacama Desert once more. When they get there, they welcome the soldiers and ask them if they want to join and come to a large military base. There, seated at big conference tables, the soldiers are explained what is going on in the universe.

Those who remained can hardly comprehend it. But they agree to send another two million soldiers to Vibron. A high ranking officer says to the soldiers: "Something is going on here too."


"During the years you were away, the world population decreased to 3.6 billion. How is this possible? What caused this?" "We do not know." "But the 3.6 billion people are very happy and feel for you every day."

After all those years of cultivation, the earth looks better. But it seems that it has become a lot more difficult for mankind to reproduce while the earth is being stabilized. It is decided to research that phenomenon and find a cause. Within a few moths time, two million soldiers applied to go to Vibron. And in 2092 they set course for Vibron, which is going to be their new home. In 2093, the two million soldiers arrive at Vibron's water atmosphere to welcome their people and to go through the informational letters from those who stayed behind. The new arrival of soldiers report that the world population has decreased to 3.6 billion. But it is certain everything back home on earth is fine. Earth looks healthy and everyone is happy, however, something is wrong with the reproduction of mankind. They ask the Vibronicans if they perhaps know an answer as to why.

The Vibronicans say that there will soon be a meeting with Vibron to present this problem and ask what is wrong.


One day, a hundred people are invited by the Vibronicans. The humans can now personally make contact with Vibron and see and feel clarity. The people walk to the oval arena with thousands of bonsai trees. It will always be a strange experience. It feels like a strong wind is blowing, however, everything remains motionless. But suddenly the people notice that something is wrong with the fire. All hundred people return to the Vibronicans and tell their hosts it is now clear to them. Every time the people look into the fire, whether they be man or woman, the fire renders them infertile. The Vibronicans look at them with astonishment; they have never seen something similar.

A lot of research is done to find out what the cause could possibly be. But after eight months the Vibronicans know what its cause is. It is the combination of making a fire and the sounds that it creates. Listening to the crackling of the woods and watching the flames leads to infertility. The people tell the Vibronicans that a space shuttle should be prepared immediately to return to earth.

In the year 2095, the shuttle reaches earth and they cannot believe what is going on.


Only one billion people are left on earth. They directly take action to explain to these people as quickly as possible that the combination of fire and its sounds causes infertility. It will be a very difficult battle for mankind. It currently looks like mankind is deteriorating into a primitive state. But many people have lost faith in the space mission and would rather stay on earth with its beautiful oceans the people have worked so hard for.

The shuttle leaves earth in a desperate state. The people on board see how those on earth reconcile themselves to their fate. The astronauts haste themselves to Vibron to tell the story of how mankind will go extinct and deteriorate into a primitive state.  The era in which mankind invented fire is approaching.

The other people are very emotional upon hearing this is mankind's fate. One of the Vibronicans wonders if it could be a weapon from the Reptilians. "After all, mankind has always handled fire well before, right?"

The council of Vibronicans meets and asks Vibron: "Is this combination another weapon from the Reptilians?"


Vibron and the Vibronicans


Vibron says it is not. "Do not let mankind know, but I am not sure either." Planet earth is preparing for a collision with a comet that is so huge, earth could possibly entirely be destroyed. There are now so many pine-trees and cedars on earth that it is forming a protection shield.  Earth has found its heartbeat again. And everything that is fire and noise is automatically eliminated. Humanity does not yet know what kind of monster they have woken up. Humanity cannot adapt fast enough and is taken back in time. Vibron gives advice as to why the earth is so aggressive.


A space mission of Vibronicans and humans arrives on earth. It is unbelievable, but mankind has gone extinct. The astronauts watch on in disgust as they realize mankind has entered a new primitive era. The Vibronicans comfort the remaining people for what happened to their fellow men. The Vibronicans know exactly what to do. They are busy figuring out why this planet is acting so aggressively towards life, except towards nature and the trees. The Vibronicans tell the people to take some measurements in the space around the sun.


The next day, the Vibronicans take up position between the moon and earth and switch off a radio telescope to watch and listen to the galaxy that mankind always thought was Betelgeuse and they indeed observe something.

It is a huge rock, twice as big as Mount Everest, and it is accompanied by a number of space cargo ships from the Reptilians. The Vibronicans sound a huge alarm. This is exactly what they did to this planet hundreds of millions of years ago. They will arrive in eighteen months. The commander immediately informs the Vibronican's spying ship so they can take action right away.  The Vibronicans answer that they will be there within one week and will bring an entire war fleet. That is why earth reacts like this. The Vibronicans immediately see what they are up to. The Tube observers strange activities in another galaxy.  The soldiers are warned straight away and quickly prepare for the war so they can protect earth. The four million soldiers are armed to the teeth and well trained. They quickly mount an attack on the Reptilians. These rocks cannot hit earth. Within eight hours, they approach the Reptilians' war fleet and they attentively wait for the Reptilians to fire.


And they do, but the people immediately use their vacuum weapons and their enemies disappear in great numbers. However, some soldiers are having trouble and start to fire everything they have got but this is counterproductive. The enemy becomes much stronger than the soldiers. It makes their spaceship explode. There are many victims on both sides, but eventually, the Vibronicans and the people win. The people succeed in making the huge boulders change direction and they fly past our solar system. Around 300,000 soldiers and thousands of Vibronicans died. But they won the first Reptilians' attack. Straightaway, they return to Vibron to celebrate the victory. One of the soldiers gets up and says that they have to return to earth to see if any other people are still alive. "We have to find them. We cannot leave them to their own devices and let them die." That very week, they prepare a shuttle to go to earth.

It is the year 2102 and an aid shuttle arrives on earth. The astronauts knew they had to search well to find any people, but this time there was no one on earth. One of the astronauts says he sees a cave on the scanner and wants to land there.


A nice platform in the middle of the woods. The astronauts walk towards the cave and go inside. What they find there is unimaginable. A large pile of old things from the 2080s. The strange thing is that gorgeous cave wall paintings have been made next to ancient ones of approximately 40,000 to 60,000 years old. It seems as if mankind has gone through this before. But next to the drawings of human hands, they also notice those of Vibronican hands. These new drawings are only 30 years old. It looks like a very small piece of time has been added to the ancient time. The astronauts say to each other that it looks like another piece of DNA has been added by the Vibronicans, or maybe the Reptilians?

The visit to earth is very emotional for the astronauts. They decide to take pictures of everything and to set course for Vibron. Once they get to Vibron, the Vibronicans wait for them outside of the watery atmosphere.

The meeting with the other soldiers, who have been waiting outside of the atmosphere all that time, is very emotional. "There is no one left on earth," says the commander. He says that they should wait for the Vibronicans, who will tell them what they should do.


Around 600,000 women remain on earth. "We need to prevent the total extinction of mankind." The Vibronicans arrive and the commander and dozens of astronauts go to meet them in their spaceship. The commander retells the story to the almost black Vibronican. But near the end of the story, the commander can no longer hide his feelings and tears of pure desperation roll over his cheeks. The commander says that he and his men have become homeless and mankind is about to go extinct.  The nearly black Vibronican tells the commander that mankind can have the new green planet ABBN-338. The people can build a new home for themselves there.

The Vibronican also says that the piece of DNA with the radio transmitters is much more dangerous for mankind than they originally thought. It is very

important to turn the planets back in time. That is how you keep your hold on the universe. That is why the pine-trees and cedars are important to keep the Reptilians at bay. The Vibronican grabs the commander and says that mankind has to leave. They need to build a new life there. "Every year," he says, "we will visit you on ABBN-338 to see if everything is going well."


Where there was once civilization.

The people and the soldiers leave for their new home planet ABBN-338. They number only 2,600,000. With the arrival of the Vibronicans mankind's losses have been huge. But within a few weeks they will arrive at their new planet and will use all their knowledge to build a new future. They will nourish their new planet and cultivate it just like the Vibronicans taught them.

The cultivation process feels very normal to them. It is like the Vibronicans never even existed at all.  From now on, the commander will be called Mike.  But they will be there one year later. The people have cleared a beautiful place for them to land. In a gorgeous environment. The day has arrived, but the Vibronicans have not. And they still have not months after that. Mike says to wait one year before going to Vibron to see them. Meanwhile, the people continue to invent space travel and warships just like those of the Vibronicans.

The great warship, the Tube, has never been seen by humanity. The following year flew by. The people invent great things and build new spaceships which can observe any intruding Reptilians.


The second year on ABBN-338 is coming to an end and they form another welcoming committee but the Vibronicans fail to show up again. There is no sign or trace of them anywhere. That is why the people decide to go to Vibron and ask them why the Vibronicans did not visit like they promised.

That same week, a space mission is prepared to leave for Vibron. When they arrive at Vibron's atmosphere, the shuttle waits for the Vibronicans to make contact. But unfortunately, to no avail. For months, they try to reach the Vibronicans. There is still no sign of them. The people decide to return to their planet ABBN-338. After a few months, they make it back. Mike tells the others that they had no success in contacting the Vibronicans. "It is like they do not even want to be in touch with us anymore." Mike and the others let all of this sink in. Will these couple of million people always have to stay on this planet?

Because they are no longer in touch with the Vibronicans, a feeling of great loss creeps up on them. Will they never see them again? Mankind has to carry on and Mike orders to prevent extinction.


In order to survive in this dangerous universe, they will have to remember and record all the Vibronican's lessons and to store them safely. They will have to give it their all.

But suddenly, Mike spots a soldiers who acts differently from the others. Moving in between his men, he sees a skull that stops near one of the men. Mike slowly goes to one of his female soldiers, Rachel. He sits down next to her and says: "Look at that soldier that is eating with his ear turned towards us. I clearly saw a skull moving in between my men and stopping near that soldier!"  Everybody knows that there is a suspicion that a Reptilian is entering somewhere or someone, the victim has to be isolated for a certain time to analyze and eliminate any negative vibrations.

Mike decides to intervene and some of his men join him when he goes to that soldier and tells him that he needs to go into isolation because Mike has noticed some strange vibrations. The soldier is then brought to the isolation room. This room is completely cut off from the outside world and has its own oxygen supply and atmospheric density.

But that night, something strange happens.


It is like an ultraviolet light passes through the entire pavilion and forms a huge circle.  Like a bolt from out of the blue, the light flows into the pine-trees accompanied by a big bang. Mike, Rachel and the other men instantly hurry to the isolation room and check the computer screen to see how the soldier is doing. They ask how he is feeling. The soldier answers that he is doing fine. Mike says something happened in the pavilion but that he should be patient and will be taken out in a couple of days. The soldier agrees to this and says he'll see them in a few days.

But the next day, Mike and his men go to see what happened that night and walk up to the pine-trees.  They see that the needles on these trees are completely black. Mike orders to check all other surrounding trees.

His men return and tell him hundreds of pine-trees have turned black. It looks like some kind of disease. Mike orders to analyze everything and to determine what is wrong. After a few hours, his men say they do not know what it is, but it looks like this will be the fate of all pine-trees. And indeed, after a few days over a thousand pine-trees have turned completely black.


Rachel says that if this continues, the whole planet will be dead in a couple of months. Mike immediately orders to set up a gas turbine next to the iron pole, which is around 2000 kilometers away from them. "We need to warn the Vibronicans before this planet dies." Two space shuttles should be prepared to go to Vibron. They will let one shuttle rush into the atmosphere sending out a stress signal to alert their friends about what is happening on ABBN-338. Mike orders that they should be on their way to Vibron within two days.

The iron pole should be made boiling hot so a signal can be shot into space towards Vibron. When they get to Vibron, Mike tries any method possible to make contact with the Vibronicans. But to no effect. Mike decides they will let one shuttle crash with all information into the Vibron's atmosphere. They will then return to their green planet.

When they arrive, it looks like an atomic bomb dropped on ABBN-338. A large part of the planet has turned black.  Millions of trees have died. Mike runs towards his men and sees something terrible. Everyone's nails and teeth are falling out.


 They will soon be dead if this goes on any longer. The pine-trees think the people have become their enemy.

This was also Vibron's first lesson to humanity:  Those who threatens these trees will turn to slime. Death will follow. But before Mike is ready, already more than 1,200,000 people have died. Mike and Rachel decide to give it all they got and set course for earth because this planet is literally turning against them. If we stay here, no one will survive. We do not know what is going on. This week, all people will leave for earth. Only 1.4 million people remain. The journey will take seven months. But when the people have left ABBN-338, the Vibronicans arrive at the green planet at full operational strength.

From space, they can see a black area the size of Russia. Like an atomic bomb exploded.

The Tube is floating over the green planet and scans it completely. The captain tells his crew that it is a Reptilian weapon. It is some kind of vibration; the Reptilians want to clone the trees, but the trees want none of that clone. The captain says they would rather die. 


The captain orders to track down this clone vibration - the ultimate alien intruder - and to destroy it completely. The green Vibronicans, the planters of trees, should come here immediately. "It seems like mankind cannot handle the Reptilians," the captain says. "Mankind cannot defend itself against these creatures. I think mankind is sinking away in reality. The Reptilians will defeat the humans. When we are done here, the spying ship should go to earth to see whether or not mankind will lose this battle." 

The people are on their way to earth, with only 1.4 million people. As soon as they can see the planet, Mike orders the people to spread out over the planet to prevent extinction.

Rachel, Mike and his team land on a place on earth which is green with foliage and conifers. They immediately order to set up camp and to take in the night sky that same night.

They decide to fly to the coast next week in order to conduct ocean research. That night, Rachel tells Mike she is under the impression that the earth is turning back in time. Mike and Rachel are touched when they see all the animals again. "We have truly missed them," says Mike. 


He tells Rachel to set course for what used to be the Pacific (the former French Polynesia) to have a look there. When they get there, it looks like paradise. And so they decide to stay for a couple of months to enjoy earth. Strangely enough, Mike says he does not want to go to another part of earth anymore. He tells Rachel he wants to stay there with her.  Night falls and it is magical. Mike takes Rachel's hand and tells her she is the only one he loves. Their hearts have never beat quicker. It seems like earth is on their side and there is a huge amount of force and intelligence between Mike and Rachel.

A year and a half later, the spying ship of the Vibronicans flies around earth and notifies Vibron that they cannot see any trace of human activity on earth. The other Vibronicans reply that they will send troops to investigate that. They will send the Tube and other hyperspace ships which will arrive in a few days (earth time).

The Tube is approaching and the spaceship's star has never shined so bright over earth. It is like the sun in the afternoon but it feels cool. 

The Tube arrives after a few minutes. It is extremely long and both sides are pitch-black. 


 The star dims and goes black.

The thousands of soldiers take action. The captain orders to scan the earth on the presence of Reptilians. Why did mankind go extinct? The Tube recognizes a few people on earth but what in the name of Vibron happened here? How is it possible that mankind is not equal to this enemy. It took the Tube an entire week to investigate everything from 20 kilometers above earth. The captain discovered a total of eleven people on this planet and orders the shuttles to collect them and ask them what has happened. The orders are to gather as much information as possible.  The captain also orders the spying ship to explore and scan the moon. The shuttles arrive at French Polynesia. Mike, Rachel and their kids are witness to all of this. They saw the Tube's arrival and are flabbergasted to see the Vibronicans are still alive! "Why did they not contact us when we were on the green planet ABBN-338.?" Mike says to Rachel. He tells her that they should go to them because they have scanned everything and already seen them. Mike says that the Tube can see everything. The meeting with the Vibronicans was very emotional.


It will flip their life upside down again. But it was amazing to see the Vibronicans again.

It takes 25 minutes to go to the Tube. A huge tailgate opens and the shuttle flies in. They are taken to the Tube's captain. The meeting was grand. The children of Mike and Rachel have their eyes popping out. The captain was very pleased to see Mike, the old commander, again.

Then suddenly the captain of the Tube turns to Mike and says: "Mike, I have to talk to you in private and show you something." Mike and the captain walk up to the window which has a diameter of 250 meters. The captain points to the moon and tells Mike: "The moon is crowded with Reptilians.  The spying ship informed us there are over 600 million Reptilians, which are all armed to the teeth. They are just about to conquer earth. The only thing that obstructs them is us. They think we have not spotted them and are busy organizing their troops. They will probably attack during the first eclipse. Us Vibronicans want to use the Tube to split the moon in two with a plasma beam. Then they will come out of their holes with all their warships and they will have new tricks to destroy us. 


The moon will be hurled into space and the Reptilians will be fired into another galaxy using our vacuum cannons. Are you with us, Mike? Or will you stay on the Tube? A beautiful Vibronican hunting ship has been prepared for you." Rachel tells Mike she wants to fight these creatures that have exterminated mankind one last time.

"All right," the captain says. "The eclipse will be in five days." We will attack tomorrow morning when the sun is behind us. At exactly 7 a.m. the plasma beam is activated. 

All war hunters of the Vibronican's are prepared.

The Tube will need approximately 25 minutes to split the moon. The time has come, it is 7 a.m. At full speed, the plasma beam fires at the moon. The plasma beam is incredibly hot at a distance of 120,000 kilometers and it penetrates deep into the moon till its core. The warships of the Reptilians come out from all sides.  But after 25 minutes it is done. The plasma beam splits the moon in two. The Tube moves towards what was once the moon straight away. Within ten minutes, the Reptilians' cannons start firing. The Vibronicans' vacuum cannons automatically fire. 


The Vibronicans now have the upper hand. The Reptilians are in a state of panic. All the Vibronican hunters set off in pursuit. Not one Reptilian will remain. The computers on the mainframes are processing a lot of information. Mike and Rachel fly back to the Tube. Victory will be celebrated. Seeing the moon in pieces and floating away into the universe's darkness is a strange sight. The captain tells Mike and Rachel that the Vibronicans will orbit around the earth in their spying ship for another six months to root out any agitation.  The captain suggests they come with him to Vibron. Mike and Rachel tell the captain they want to remain on earth. The others want that too. There are eleven people left.  The people part with the captain and then head back to earth. Mike tells the shuttle's commander to drop them off on what used to be Australia. Rachel tells Mike that the Reptilians almost succeeded in wiping out mankind. "It is almost unimaginable that just a few of us survived." Mike tells the commander that he would like to land near Ayers Rock in the middle of Australia. Many pine-trees grow there now and there are rocks and caves to live in.


Rachel tells Mike that a blue Vibronican will take them to earth. That must be for a reason according to Mike. These blue Vibronicans can see into the matrix by means of the animal kingdom and therefore have spies all over the universe.  The reeboks are their very best spies.

The reeboks feel no fear when the blue Vibronicans have eventually made contact with the animals. It is like they are standing still. But they are not.

"We will watch over you," he says. "I am connect to this new planet earth." Mike, Rachel and the children get out and say goodbye. The Vibronican says he truly loved mankind. Especially because of their courage. That is what he likes best about them.

He gets in his space shuttle and says his last farewell to Mike and Rachel. The Vibronican realized that these four people will probably also not be able to fight the Reptilians and will eventually hide in their cave out of pure fear. They will paint the animal matrix on the cave walls and then make spears to dominate the animal kingdom. They will poison themselves by eating meat, become blind and multiply like savages just like the Reptilians do.


And that is how the transmitter got into the human DNA. There are many billions of Reptilians in the universe in all kinds of forms and appearances.  Ninety per cent of them has been cloned. They are perfect. It is very hard to see them. Ten per cent are invincible to mankind. Those are real killing machines. You can only take them down by not being virtual.

The Vibronicans are heading to Vibron and there is a grand meeting with Vibron.  Thousands of Vibronicans gather and one almost black Vibronican stands up. He speaks in the name of Vibron. He explains why it went wrong in the past. He explains that as Vibronicans, they have failed in saving the human race. He says that mankind is stronger than them in one respect. They are courageous. No Vibronican has ever seen that. But in all other respects, they are far too weak to fight the Reptilians. Mankind will not be able to survive on earth. Vibron's wind blows like it never did before.

Vibron tells the Vibronicans to save the remaining people. We need humanity in the future. Vibron says the people need another thing to win the war against the Reptilians. The Vibronicans tells the others that earth should become a weapon against their enemy.


An old mine, which used to be Africa, is to become an enormous vacuum weapon with a diameter of 10 kilometers and one kilometer in depth. It has a massive steel pole that goes into the ground down to the earth's core. It has a diameter of 15 meters and is surrounded by a panoramic saucer that has a diameter of a good 600 meters and is made out of pure steel that shines like a mirror.  The Vibronicans will use this plasma beam to lure the Reptilians to earth and out of sheer fear, the earth will give off a black circle and the Reptilians set off on the wrong course. We will blind them with the sun and burn at least a couple of billion of them. The Vibronicans cheer.  "Long live Vibron! Death to the Reptilians!"

The Vibronican says: "send a space dimension ship to earth and immediately get Mike, Rachel and the other seven people.  Not a minute can be lost." The space dimension ship is on its way to earth and immediately uses the scanners to find out where the people are. And indeed, they have already started to live in the caves and are completely unaware that they are destroying themselves. The Vibronicans arrive at a large cave, which used to be Australia, where Mike, Rachel and their children live.


That one blue Vibronican has also come along and he hugs Mike and tells him no human can stay on earth. If this weapon fails, billions of Reptilians will come to earth. It will turn into a living hell for Mike, Rachel and the others. The Vibronican sees all cave wall paintings. Mike says: "I had to use my creativity to depict our last meeting." The Vibronican tells Mike he has drawn the fauna's matrix on the walls. This happened 40,000 years ago as well, but mankind did not make it back then. We have come here to get you. Planet earth is currently turning back in time. Because you are human you will not make it.  They get in the shuttle and go to Vibron on the space dimension ship. They are welcomed on a beautiful location on Vibron where the children can grow up in peace and quiet, and teach them about everything Vibron has to offer such as civilization and universal intelligence about nature. They also teach their children about getting in touch with other animal matrixes, like Vibron's water atmosphere.

Thousands of Vibronicans go to earth to make the new weapon. It is finished within a month.


Vibron and the Vibronicans


A number of nearly black Vibronicans gather and tell the green Vibronicans to move as many pine-trees and cedars as possible to other planets in the universe. Billions of them are loaded into spaceships and the Vibronicans set a time at which the plasma weapon will be activated.

Then it is time. A huge blue-white beam shoots up in the sky towards the Reptilians. The Vibronicans quickly make themselves scarce and set course for Vibron at full speed. There they will see how this ends.

The earth grows blacker and blacker with the hour. All life on earth is sucked into the plasma beam and launched into the vastness of the universe. Millions of Reptilians flock to the beam towards earth. But once they get to the solar system, there is no way out and they go to earth millions at a time. In a matter of mere minutes, the earth will disappear into a vacuum. The Vibronicans see everything on their scanners. Earth has turned into a massive black hole and sucks Reptilians in it to their deaths. This is not what the Vibronicans expected. Earth has been creative and not ruthless.  They expected the Reptilians to be burned alive, but this is much better for the universe.


This way, we are rid of them for hundreds of millions of years. At that moment, all stars start to shine so bright that the universe is expanding instead of shrinking from the pain these creatures cause. Mike, Rachel, the children and Vibronicans cheer and hug each other to celebrate this victory..



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