Secret horse on the ocean floor




The Secret Horse on the Ocean Floor


Until the discovery of the Secret Horse Tomb on the ocean floor, mankind had never known and understood this new perspective
that the whole cosmos is in fact standing still.

Except for that infinity point in time that transmits as a conduit throughout the entire cosmos.
Trillions and billions in years forwards and backwards.

Once known, it was as simple as the invention of the wheel!

The Secret Horse on the Seafloor: .... a sci-fi diving thriller story of 98 pages for the industry, ;Earth is past its prime and the biosphere is nearing its end, planet earth is only marginally habitable, a insectoid species in the Andromeda star system “ Toonatakha “ have lost the cosmiccode of speed the Confederation of the 12 insectoid species make’s a decision to open the secret tomb, that was abondoned on a planet billions of years ago, that planet was earth and that tomb was now on the pacific ocean close to Charlotte islands, the insectoid species sent seven Artificial robots to pick this up from earth.

Sarah Connor and commander chief maverick from the highly specialized area of telepathic abduction, and genetic skeletal dysplasia have already opened the tomb of the secret horse. What the found was information from all live on earth more than 2 billion years ago inside a horse made from jade, with eyes like emeralds that gave a feeling of immeasurable wisdom about the dying of planets .


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